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Video Confederations Cup final 2013 / Brazil harsh on Spain and making the Confederations Cup

Brazil won the Confederations Cup title for the fourth time in its history, beating Spain 3.0 add it. Maracana Stadium.

D 2 first goal of Farid. 8 Oscar pass attempt a little side of the box Casillas. The Spaniards came 2ocastion the response to the goalkeeper Cesar was a Member. Most dangerous chance was 41 from her Pedro David Lewis on the line. Goal deliberation d 44 of Neymar shot. D 47 unique record carefully him 3 to Spain

D 55 Ramos wasted a penalty kick. Dr. Becky 68 expels red card after his intervention on Neymar

Brazil 3-0 Spain Highlights par goalsandsoccer
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