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Video Confederations Cup 2013 / Spain 3 Nigeria 0 / Uruguay 8 Tahiti 0

Passed all of Spain and Uruguay for the next round. Saluting Spain will face Italy. Uruguay, Brazil.

Nigeria might have recorded several times for not procrastinating players in wasting opportunities. First chance Iniesta d 1 after evasive beautiful shot the guard in the right place. 3-D first goal Jordi Alba. D 39 Fabregas ball in the post. Aim carefully d 62 goal Fabregas and is the fifth him. Appoints himself the Confederations Cup top scorer of yachts following the contest. Altalt goal d 88 of Jordi Alba

Nigeria 0-3 Spain Highlights par goalsandsoccer Uruguay won in front of Tahiti 8.0. Hernandez d 2. Dr. 24 .. Diego Perez 27. Hernandez, 45. Lodeiro 61. 67 Hernandez. Luis Suarez 82.Suarez, 90
Uruguay 8-0 Tahiti Highlights par goalsandsoccer
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